Hi, I'm Sabine 👋

a Senior UI/UX Designer with a passion for using technology in unique ways to tackle complex societal challenges.

I firmly believe that technology shapes our thought processes, and by reimagining it, we can reshape our thinking. When I'm not designing, you can find me immersed in non-fiction literature or composing music.

Feel free to click the purple button to engage in conversation; I'm always eager to embrace diverse design perspectives and ideas.
UX Designer, UX Researcher

OVOU Back-Office UX Concept

Creating a communication platform for 3 teams in different regions to communicate in order to help expedite the manufacturing process of digital business cards.

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UX Researcher, UI/UX Designer

The Urban Guide (TUG)

Combining urban exploring and cultural immersion to make users learn more about the world and their community.

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UX Researcher - User Interview & Survey Analysis

Audiobook Club

Connecting Audiobook Listeners all around the world through audiobook recommendations and commentary.

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UX Researcher, Project Manager, Brainwriting Moderator


Assisting troubled youth with anxiety and depression using mood trackers, self-help articles, and connecting them to professional resources.

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